Use the power of AI to build long term relationships with your customers

  • Build Customer-to-Product (C2P) and Customer-to-Customer (C2C) affinity using i2CE proprietary technology.
  • Make qualified product recommendations, leverage your in-brand Socio-Graph.
  • Capture and Incentivize various factors of peer-to-peer engagement that drives sales.
  • Run personalized and effective promotional campaigns by utilizing C2C and C2P affinity.
Peer-to-Peer Customer Engagement

Offline/Omni-channel Businesses

Transform your Point-of-Sale (POS) into an Intelligent Engagement Platform

  • Multi-dimensional approach to customer's brand interaction and loyalty
  • Point-of-sale upsell/recommendations
  • Off-line testimonials, outreach and offer notifications
  • Personalized offers for customers at POS

Socio-Augmented Recommendations

Use our powerful APIs to build intelligence into your business

  • Utilize our Bleeding-Edge Technology to pre-bake intelligence into your systems.
  • Go far beyond recommendation systems - Make use of influence models to augment recommendation.
  • Multi-dimensional Optimization, both Customer-to-Customer and Customer-to-Products.
  • Online learning systems - feed in the data, and see continuous learning and improvements..